Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subscribe to an A+ plan?

The A+ plans are open to individual and their dependants, as well as to employers and associations to cover their employees / members and their dependants.

For individual and members of associations, the age limit set for enrolment is 70 years. For corporate enrolment and if you are enrolled on a compulsory basis by your employer, there is no specific age limit.

No. You only need to complete a medical questionnaire. On occasions, our medical adviser may define partial exclusions, total exclusions or, propose an additional premium to waive exclusions. The obligation to complete a medical questionnaire is usually waived for group plans with compulsory affiliation of more than 10 employees.

The A+ health plans can be taken out in US dollars, Euro, Great Britain Pound (GBP) or Swiss Francs (CHF). The choice of currency must be made before the coverage takes effect, and can only be changed at the annual renewal date. Premiums and claims shall be payable according to the currency in which the policy has been concluded (conditions apply, please contact your broker for more information).

Specific Application Forms are available for enrolment of Individuals and Groups who may choose either Underwritten or Moratorium enrolment. Underwritten enrolment: The Medical Questionnaire included in the application form must be completed fully and accurately, failing to do so may invalidate the policy. Moratorium enrolment: After two years’ continuous membership, any pre-existing Medical Conditions (and Related Conditions) will become eligible for Benefit, subject to the terms and conditions of your plan, provided you have not during that period: a) consulted any Medical Practitioner or Specialist for Treatment or Advice (including check-ups) or b) experienced further symptoms or c) taken medication or been advised to follow special treatment (including drugs, medicine, special diets, injections, etc.)

How can i manage my plan?

Renewals information will be sent to you six weeks before the renewal date. Cancellation of your policy is possible on the policy anniversary date with one month’s notice, through notification by registered letter.

Downgrading or upgrading plans and options is possible, but only at the renewal date of the policy. In the case of upgrading, a new medical questionnaire must be completed. Changing the geographical scope of cover is always possible in relation to the country of expatriation. However, it is not possible to change to the worldwide cover for short periods (with the objective of getting treatment in the USA or Canada).

Premiums are payable annually in advance, by bank transfer, credit card or cheque. Semi-annual payments of 53% of the annual premium are available.

The deductible is a fixed amount per year per person of covered expenses for which you are responsible. Once your annual deductible has been met, your expenses will be reimbursed according to the conditions of your plan.

Addition of a spouse/legal partner is possible, provided that the application is based on the same procedure and conditions of acceptance, and within two months after becoming eligible for the insurance. Addition of a new born is possible, provided that the application is made within two months following the date of birth. We need the birth certification as supporting documents. Premiums for new-born babies are to be paid as from the birth date. A medical questionnaire must be completed when the baby is declared to the insurer more than two months after birth. Adopted children may also be included in the policy, enrolment of whom is subject to full underwriting.

Our online service – My A+ Page – helps you to better manage your health. It not only gives you access to our database of more than 10,000 medical providers, grouped by countries, towns and specialties; it also allows you to consult your plan coverage, monitor your own personal reimbursement information and download all forms. Access to this personalized section is password protected and requires you to enter your personal reference number.

Our emergency helpline is available in a variety of languages and is staffed by medical professionals ready to assist you, 24/7, every day of the year. Telephone numbers are given on your Medicard provided upon enrolment.

The duration of the insurance policy is fixed for periods of 12 months.

What is covered?

The following complications of pregnancy are covered in the same way as any other medical condition, so the rules and limits for the maternity benefits do not apply:

• miscarriage or when the foetus has died and remains with the placenta in the womb

• stillbirth

• abnormal cell growth in the womb (hydatidform mole)

• foetus growing outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy)

• heavy bleeding in the hours and days immediately after childbirth (post-partum haemorrhage)

• afterbirth left in the womb after delivery of the baby (retained placental membrane)

• complications following any of the above conditions. Complications of pregnancy are not subject to the waiting period for all medical expenses related to Delivery and Maternity care.

A+ health plans offer a wide range of complementary therapies as standard. These include Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, and Homeopaths who are legally qualified, registered and allowed to practice complementary medicine by the authorities in the country in which the treatment is received. These treatments must always be prescribed by a doctor.
Child-delivery is only covered under Global 100 Plus. Pregnancy cost is reimbursed according to the type of outpatient treatment. Elective caesarean surgery is excluded from cover. There is a twelve-month waiting period for all medical expenses related to Delivery and Maternity care, meaning that only expenses incurred as from the thirteenth month after acceptance into the insurance plan are eligible for reimbursement.

The insurance cover takes effect on the day immediately following our acceptance. Once enrolled, you have to wait to get certain treatments:

• Waiting period of twelve months for all medical expenses related to delivery and maternity care, unless specifically mentioned on specific conditions document.

• Waiting period of twelve months for preventive and wellness benefits.

• Waiting period of six months for all basic dental care and twelve months for all major dentistry: orthodontic treatment and dental prostheses.

• Waiting period of twelve months for sterilization.

Preventive care & wellness benefits: (A waiting period of 12 months applies)

• well baby care

• medically required vaccinations (adults & children)

• one routine eye test per insurance year

• one adult physical examination every 2 years including: – one (bilateral) mammogram and one pap-smear test every 2 years (females as of age 35) – one PSA-test every 2 years (males as of age 50)

The A+ plans do not cover the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and related conditions. A pre-existing condition means any disease, illness or injury for which you have received medication, advice or treatment, or which you have experienced symptoms, whether the condition has been diagnosed or not, at any time before the date on which your A+ plan starts, except where such Medical Conditions have been declared in the application form and subsequently accepted in writing by us.

You can consult any doctor of your choice who has graduated from a recognized medical school as listed in the WHO Directory of medical Schools and who is licensed and is registered to practice medicine in the country where the treatment is received.

This depends on the plan you choose. Under the Southeast Asia Plans and Worldwide Plans, Yes. We cover medical expenses incurred due to medical emergencies whilst travelling outside of your chosen area of cover for temporary stays of up to 90 days in aggregate per year. For the Easy Care+ Plans you will not be covered outside your chosen area of cover.

This depends on the plan you choose. Under Under the Southeast Asia Plans and Worldwide Plans, Yes. Under Easy Care+ it will depend on the plan level you have chosen. Please see the plan pages for more details.