About Us

Since 2008, A Plus has offered best-in-class medical health plans around the world with a network of over 10,000 doctors, hospitals and clinics in more than 150 countries.

Together with our trusted partners we work tirelessly to serve you.

A+ International Healthcare offers best-in-class medical health plans to clients around the world. We protect you, wherever you go and we pride ourselves in looking after you during your time of need.

Hospital procedures and medical bills can all be very confusing and a heavy burden on you and your family. We work with our strong network of world-renowned hospitals and clinics, give you World-Class care, and handle the paperwork so that you can focus on your recovery or looking after your loved ones.

With our plans you can rest assured that you and your family’s wellbeing are well protected.

Always there for those we serve

We believe outstanding healthcare has no time constraints. You can’t predict when you’ll need our help, but you don’t need to. With us you get World-Class medical assistance – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Adding a personal touch

Many believe that insurance providers are heartless, profit- driven corporations — and for the most part, they’re right.We’ve built A+ differently, as a family business. Everyone we work with and serve is just one phone call away.

Adapting to your every need

Our plans are designed with you in mind. You have the power and the flexibility to customize and choose the plan that’s right for you.You will never pay for something you don’t want and you will always be covered for what you need.


Jean Claude Breteau
Chief Executive Ofiicer
Jean Claude Breteau

As the Founder and CEO of A+ International Healthcare, Jean-Claude has built a company trusted by thousands of families. He brings years of experience and stability to the A+ vision.

Jean-Marc Herbet
Sales Director
Jean-Marc Herbet

Jean-Marc is the latest addition to the management team. He has taken charge of the sales department and brings relentless energy to deliver the very best in service to you – our clients.

Empty Team
Head of Intl. Partnerships
Jacob Sacuto

With over a decade of experience servicing clients in China and Asia-Pacific, Jacob’s expertise in the region has proved invaluable to our growth. He continues to develop key partnerships to bring our services into new markets.

Julien Breteau
Head of Operations
Julien Breteau

Results driven and deeply passionate about technology, Julien brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the team. He’s charge of overall operations and works tirelessly to improve our services and delight our customers.

More about us

To learn more about who we are and what we do, check out our e-book here.

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