Full Plan Details

1 Inpatient and day-patient care

Inpatient care or treatment is treatment for which, for medical reasons, the patient has to stay in hospital overnight.
Day-patient care: treatment in a hospital or medical day-care center, for which the patient does not have to stay overnight. It excludes any ambulatory treatment.

2 Organ transplant

Organ transplant: reimburses reasonable and customary charges incurred on transplantation surgery for the Insured being the recipient of the transplant of an organ. Payment for this Benefit is applicable whilst the Policy is in force and shall be subject to the limit as set forth in the Schedule of Benefit. The covered amount includes doctors’ fees, hospital accommodation (standard private room) and other related medical expenses during the hospital stay. Prior approval from the insurer’s medical consultant is always required. The following expenses are excluded from cover: costs related to the search for a donor; costs for acquisition of the organ (in case a price is charged for the organ); costs incurred for removal of organ from the donor.

3 Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment: If an insured is diagnosed with cancer as defined below, the insurer will reimburse the reasonable and customary charges incurred for the medically necessary treatment of cancer performed at a legally registered cancer treatment centre subject to the limit of this disability as specified in the Schedule of Benefits. Such treatment (e.g. radiotherapy or chemotherapy, consultation, examination tests, take home drugs, excluding experimental treatment) must be received as an inpatient or as an outpatient at a Hospital or a registered cancer treatment centre following discharge from Hospital confinement or surgery.

4 Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions: Sickness, illness, disease or injury which has one or more of the following characteristics:
• is recurrent in nature;
• is without a known, generally recognised cure;
• is not generally deemed to respond well to treatment;
• requires palliative treatment;
• requires prolonged supervision or monitoring;
• leads to permanent Invalidity.

5 Psychiatric care

Psychiatric care: Outpatient psychiatric care reimburses care prescribed by or performed by a Doctor. The covered amount includes fees of the Doctor and/or (treatment fees of) the Medical Practitioner. For your benefits, related drugs are covered separately according to the provisions of prescribed drugs. The following expenses will also fall under the same heading as outpatient psychiatric care: ergotherapy, logopaedics and/or speech therapy, occupational therapy.

7 Evacuation and repatriation for individuals

Evacuation and repatriation: Medical evacuation and repatriation cover for Individual enrolment included (optional for Groups). Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation benefits and transportation of mortal remains or burial at the place of death, compassionate visit and return of minor children are included.

For a complete list of our terms, please download our General Conditions.

Personalise your plan

To satisfy all your needs, we propose health plans which are worldwide, reliable and flexible: Hospitalisation, Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus. Each plan can be shaped by adding optional covers and choosing from several options.

Three geographical areas of residence to suit your needs

To better define your health plan, A+ International delimits three geographical areas of residence; premiums are set according to where you live.

First, you select your area of residence at the time of inception of policy:

  • Area 1: Worldwide (excluding Hong Kong/China and USA/Canada)
  • Area 2: Hong Kong and China
  • Area 3: USA and Canada

Next, you choose your geographical coverage for treatment: a worldwide cover, with or without the USA and Canada.

Two geographical cover areas

If you opt for a cover without the USA and Canada, we cover medical expenses incurred due to medical emergencies whilst visiting these countries for temporary stays of up to 90 days in aggregate per year.

Optional covers

Dental and Optical
The Dental and Optical Plan can be taken out by the persons who are accepted into the Medical Insurance Plan (Only with Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus).

Accidental Death & Dismemberment cover
This insurance can be taken out as an additional cover to any of the Medical Insurance plans. It guarantees the payment of a lump sum in case of accidental death or in case of permanent invalidity caused by an accident.

Temporary Incapacity Cover (Loss of Income Protection)
This insurance can be taken out as an additional cover on top of the Medical Insurance plans. It guarantees payment of a monthly allowance in case the insured is totally unable to perform his/her professional activities because of illness or accident, for up to 24 months.

Permanent Disability Cover (Permanent Invalidity caused by an Illness or accident)
This insurance can be taken out only as a supplement to the Temporary Incapacity Cover and guarantees the payment of a lump sum to the Insured who is affected by a permanent disability, caused by an illness or accident.

Additional options

Choice of currency
Plans can be subscribed in US dollars, Euro, Great Britain Pound (GBP) or Swiss Francs (CHF). Euro, GBP and CHF only available to residents in the European Union and Switzerland. Claims will be reimbursed in the currency of the policy.

You can reduce your premium by choosing an annual deductible that applies on all benefits. There are different levels of deductible, depending on your plan.

US $ € Euro £ GBP CHF
0 0 0 0
675 500 450 750
1,350 1,000 900 1,500
2,700* 2,000* 1,800* 3,000*
6,750* 5,000* 4,500* 7,500*
*Only available with Global 80, Global 100 and Global 100 Plus

The higher the deductible, the lower your premium. Deductibles are applied per insured, per insurance year.

What is not covered

This is a summary of major exclusions applicable to A+ International plans. For full details, please refer to the General Conditions.

Medical Plans

  • Pre-existing conditions unless accepted at time of enrolment.
  • Non-prescribed medical treatments.
  • Periodic preventive health examinations except those explicitly mentioned in the table of medical benefits.
  • Complementary and/or alternative medical treatments other than those explicitly mentioned in the table of medical benefits.
  • Expenses resulting from maternity and child birth during the first 12 months after the individual inception date of cover (unless explicitly waived in the special conditions).
  • Non-prescribed drugs.
  • OTC (‘over-the-counter’) medicines : lifestyle products, dietary products, etc.
  • Contraceptive and birth control drugs, even if prescribed by a physician.
  • Costs related to abortion except in the case of absolute medical necessity.
  • Cosmetic/aesthetic treatment except restorative treatment following an accident.
  • Elective caesarean delivery expenses.
  • Consequences of drug-addiction and alcoholism.
  • Expenses resulting from any kind of competition involving motor vehicles.
  • Consequences of the insured participating in any sport as a professional or under a contract providing remuneration, as well as any preparatory training to such activities.

Evacuation/ Repatriation

  • Costs incurred without the prior agreement of our Assistance service.
  • The consequences of illnesses or benign lesions that can be treated on the spot.
  • Evacuation / repatriation as a consequence of psychiatric conditions.
  • The Insured’s participation in any sport as a professional or under a contract providing for remuneration, as well as any preparatory training.
  • The consequences of an accident during the Insured’s participation in an air sport (including hang gliding, paragliding, gliding) or in any of the following sports: skeleton, bobsleigh, ski-jumping, mountain-climbing with roping, rock-climbing, skin diving with self-contained apparatus, spelunking, bungee-jumping, skydiving.

Individuals enrolment

All A+ health plans are worldwide, reliable and flexible. Because we understand your concerns and because health is a serious topic, we specially design our plans for you and your family.

Some good reasons for you to choose A+ health plans:

  • Entry into scheme up to 70 years old.
  • Cover for life once enrolled, regardless of your age or state of health.
  • Cover for chronic and pre-existing conditions upon acceptance.*
  • Cover for HIV / AIDS treatments.
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation included.
  • Preventive check-ups and vaccinations are covered.
  • Childbirth benefits available.
  • Complete freedom of choice of hospitals, doctors and specialists.
  • Extensive network of medical service providers in more than 180 countries.
  • 15 day money back guarantee.

*Acceptance of your application is subject to a medical questionnaire and approval by the medical consultant. Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered within the limits of your plan if accepted by the medical consultant at the time of your enrolment.

Group & corporate enrolment

A+ International proposes a dedicated offer to employers and to associations to cover their employees and members, and their dependants.

Why choose A+ International for group cover?

Under the basis of compulsory affiliation by the employer of a group of ten or more employees:

  • No health declaration(s) will, in principle, be required for the medical insurance plan, meaning that there will be immediate and full acceptance into the medical insurance of both employees and dependants.
  • Waiting periods including maternity are no longer in force.

Some more reasons for you to choose A+ health plans:

  • No age limit of entry as long as you are active within the insured group.
  • Cover for chronic and pre-existing conditions upon acceptance.*
  • Cover for HIV / AIDS treatments.
  • Preventive check-ups and vaccinations are covered.
  • Transfer to Individual plan possible when you leave the group.
  • Childbirth benefits available.
  • Complete freedom of choice of hospitals, doctors and specialists.
  • Group discounts.
  • 15 day money back guarantee.

* Conditions apply